CAISNet is a full featured all encompassing, client/server application. Our unique ASP model provides corporations and teams with a secure and reliable communications and project management platform. See what others have to say about CAISNet...

Desktop and Server Design - We are committed to providing the absolute best in computing services to our clients. We specialize in Workstation, Server, Rack-mount Servers and RAIDs.

Software and Hardware Sales - We provide very competitive pricing for all your software and hardware peripheral needs.

Internet Access - CAISNet Inc. has strategic alliances with various Internet Service Providers and Network Service Providers. This provides us with the unique ability to bundle our CAISNet software with a wide range of Internet connections. We offer CAISNet/Internet Bundles including:

We have an extensive list of quality preferred internet service providers that we work with. They include:

Web Hosting - Get the space and the design you need for your business while CAISNet Inc. manages your presence.

Email Hosting - We provide Groupware as well as Exchange Email Hosting c/w BES support

Remote Backup Services - We provide remote backup services to protect your valuable data with offsite security

Network Design and Deployment - Our experienced staff can provide you with the network design and support you need. Our staff has experience with:

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