Robert Black, Wood O'Neill O'Neill Architects Ltd.,
"Over the past few years, many of the projects I've been working on have been delivered using CASINet with success.
As a tool in the design phase, it provides a transparent and organized method of communicating directions, information, questions, and drawing exchange with both our Engineering Consultants and Clients. This has proven to be very successful with the accelerated "fast -track" construction management projects I have been involved with recently. We have been able to issue and receive design revisions quickly with both Consultants and Clients resulting in increased efficiency and cooperation.

During Bidding phases, in both Construction Management and Stipulated Price environments, it has provided a one stop communication point. We have implemented CAISNet in different capacities from a simple coordination point between Consultants or the issuance of Addendum to Bidders.

The Construction Administration tools offered by CAISNet have streamlined and offered excellent organizational capabilities. CAISNet allows for efficent project tracking, response time and issuance of documents on each project I'm working on without creating the requisite pile of paperwork. Information can be read and responded to in an organized manner and helps reduce the disruptive nature of erratic phone calls and fax messages. I appreciate the option of storing the correspondence and documents either digitally or by paper, depending on the project and urgency.

I have been very satisfied implementing CASINet on projects whether it be for Design Coordination or full Contract Administration. Rendek Communications Inc. have always been responsive and willing to adapt to suit special requirements demanded by any project I have been involved on."

Emad El-Zein, P.Eng., ESE Engineering Group Corporation,
"Our firm has been using CAISNet since its inception back in 1994. We have grown with the system over the years and find it efficient and effective for our day-to-day communications and with our internal administration as well as with large-scale project management.
The system was very effective during our business trip to the Persian Gulf. We were able to communicate effectively with our business partners while touring through six of the Gulf States. We were also able to maintain effective communications with our clients in Alberta. In that area, challenges were revolving around security of communication, connection speeds and time zones.

As for internal administration, we had various successes because of CAISNet. We can set up accounts for our staff within 15 minutes. We have internal folders for various development projects within our firm that only our staff can access. As well, it hosts some of our critical active projects for staff cooporation and coordination, especially with our staff that are located in Ontario. Training for our staff was straight forward; plug-and-play.

As for large-scale project management, our firm is part of an alliance that is designing, supplying and installing the fire alarm systems at the Albian Sands Mine site in Fort McMurray. The project team members are located in Edmonton, Vancouver, Fort McMurray and Calgary. Through CAISNet, project folders where created to address flow of information between all parties involved and to create a log showing progress of development at every stage of the project. The CAISNet system was key to maintaining progress of the project in line with the time constraints and the various locations of all parties involved.

Accessing information on the go became a major challenge with our team members operating out of different sites. The unified messaging for telephone messages and faxes became very effective in relating information in timely manner. We are able to send and receive faxes to our clients without requiring a fax machine or dialing long distance

Another feature that we where able to use and benefit from CAISNet is the Private Meeting option. With some preparation, we were able to conduct meetings with some of our business allies over seas. Where long distance charges are high and Mail services are slow to facilitate progress on time sensitive issues, the Private Meeting option became handy in reaching critical decisions.

As our firm has grown form a one-man practice in Edmonton to a firm with a work force of 12 personnel, spreading between Edmonton, Fort McMurray, Calgary and Ontario , we find CAISNet essential, effective and efficient for our operations."

Joanne Vickers, Computer Systems Specialist, Chemco Electrical Contractors Ltd.,
"Chemco Electrical Contractors Ltd. has been using CAISNet since 1998. Roger walked us through dial-up networking with one account, to our current situation of a DSL/dial-up combination account with 20 active accounts. Rendek Communications Inc. has always been there for us, offering us options and solving our problems with extreme patience! CAISNet offers so many options and business solutions, it is difficult to rate any one option over another. Chemco enjoys the flexibility of being able access our e-mail, from locations around the world, without worrying about security. We also like knowing that we can view our e-mail from head office, branch office, site or home and never need to worry that our e-mail is stuck on the last computer we used. We also like using the custom project folders Rendek Communications Inc. has set up for us, to ensure security in sending confidential information over the internet. Over time, I expect Chemco will continue to take advantage of all the various options available from CAISNet.
Thanks CAISNet, for all your help, patience and an excellent product!"

Vernon R. Oberg, P.Eng., Hukalo Oberg Engineering Limited,
"Our company has been affiliated with CAISNet since its early beginnings and have been completely satisified with the excellent service and features of this provider. We have seen many changes to the system and with each change, the service has been enhanced.
It provides a unique platform to perform many day to day business functions and its ease of use is one of the reasons we are subscribers. Another is the excellent service provided by Rendek Communications Inc., sometimes in the wee hours of the evening!

The almost unlimited capacity of CAISNets Servers allows us to transfer files with ease and as well, retrieve them when needed. It allows us to work remotely as well and this is a key function. I have connected to the system from as far away as Chile, Brasil and Italy using a local ISP and have conducted essential business with ease.

Another feature is document retrieval from project folders shared by design groups. This has saved significant charges both in courier costs and long distance faxing. It gives us the ability to work with clients around the world as if they resided next door.

While we have not utilized all the features of CAISNet (and there are many), what we do use has streamlined our operations and mode of communication with our clients and has enhanced our bottom line. And that is important."

Jamie Reinhart, Rocky View School Division,
"Using CAISNet has greatly reduced the need of paper traffic on our projects. The system provides us with a complete audit trail on all documents filed through CAISNet, including all communications between ourselves the consultants and contractors.
The ease of use is very important to us as well as the ability to transfer large and small files with the highest degree of reliability. Rocky View School Division has now used CAISNet on a number of projects and plans to use it on all new capital projects. It has proven it's great value to our project administration team.

The technical support we have received has been exceptional. Roger and his staff will do whatever they can to fix any problem we may encounter in a quick and timely manner. I would recommend the use of CAISNet on any construction project."

Terry Lawson, P. Eng., Duthie Newby Weber & Associates Ltd.
"Our firm has been using CAISNet for a number of years and have found that it has significantly increased the efficiency of communication between offices. Recently we have used the system to totally administer a number of projects. In these cases, all members of the project team, including the Owner, were on CAISNet and all had access to a secure folder on the CAISNet desktop where all information for the project was posted. The project team had instant access to all drawings and specifications, minutes of meetings, progress claims, progress photos, change orders, clarifications and all other communications normally associated with a typical project.
Support for problems or questions is virtually instantaneous which is extremely important in this computer age of communication. We have had very few problems with CAISNet but in those rare instances Rendek Communications Inc. has responded immediately and got us up and running in very short order.

CAISNet has been a welcomed addition to our office and we would highly recommend the system to any other firms involved in the Construction Industry."

Ron Krewulak, RAK Engineering Ltd.
"Our company likes to utilize leading edge technology in order to maintain a competative edge. We have found this in using CAISNet. We have been one of the original users of CAISNet and through the years of use, we have always had good product support and service as well as excellent communication abilities both in-office and in the field. This has helped our office to be productive and enable our clients to be in constant contact with us. We give CAISNet a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating."

David W. Ryder MRAIC, Barr Ryder Architects & Planners,
"CAISNET is as close to representing the complete integrated communication system for the design/construction industry as exists today. Their genuine interest, knowledge of our needs and ongoing support has allowed our firm to dramatically enhance links to clients and the industry. As the network expands, so will the advantages of membership."

Victor Kozak, Stephens Kozak Carr and Brown Architects
"Stephens Kozak Carr and Brown Architects has been making use of CAISNET in both its Edmonton and Calgary offices for the past year. This has been an extremely valuable tool to enhance communication between our two offices, with our sub-consultants, and with existing and prospective clients. An added benefit has been the extensive construction information resources and internet access as a library for proposal and project research."

Dermott O'Neill, Wood O'Neill O'Neill Architects Ltd.
"Among other much appreciated benefits we find that CAISNET is very effective in helping us to transmit drawing files between ourselves and our sub consultants electronically. It is fast and does not inhibit use of equipment during transmissions. Also, its closed circuit "net" capability is very appealing to us."

Ted Zandbeek, Carlson Projects North Limited
"We have used CAISNET for a couple of years now and find it serves our needs very well. Roger has been a valuable asset in technical support and his understanding and interest in the construction industry in Alberta makes the system even more "local" user friendly.With more and more people using the system we believe CAISNET will soon become an everyday tool in the industry."

Duncan Binder, Binder Construction Ltd.
"We find the system easy to use and it makes communications a snap. We would recommend the system to anyone in the Construction Industry!"

Dave McCartney, SLG Stanley Consultants Inc.
"SLG Stanley Consultants Inc. has found CAISNET to be a useful everyday business tool that increases productivity and provides a user friendly framework for fast and reliable exchange of information within the construction industry in Alberta and beyond. Recommended!"

Nick Trovato, P.Eng.Read Jones Christoffersen Ltd.
"The CAISNET system has made document transfer with our clients very easy. The system is easy to use and convenient. With the addition of Internet access, the CAISNET system has been very useful to our office."

Keith Hoveland, Premises officer, CIBC Development Corporation
"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the support that your company has given me to get on-line. The system has worked out great in allowing me to send out work orders to my contractors as well as communicate directly with the architects that I work with. It has allowed me to send drawings with comments back and forth with ease."

Todd Hutton, Facility Management Co-ordinator Rocky View School Division
"Through the use of CAISNET we have realized a significant increase in the quality and clarity of communication between Owner, Consultant and Contractor. Currently the system is being used on two large capital projects which include a new Middle School and High School. We find CAISNET to be user friendly while notcompromising the detail of information required. The flexibility of CAISNET allows the control of information viewed and posted by all disciplines to be changed/customized by simply emailing the required changes directly to Rendek Communications.

I find that the technical support response time from Rendek Communications is excellent and far out does any technical support I have ever had to deal with. Typically my technical problems/user questions are answered within 10-30 minutes of the email request going in. The response either comes by a reply to my email or by phone directly from technical support.

It has been and will continue to be a pleasure to do business with Rendek Communications and their CAISNET system."

Richard Isaac, Manasc Isaac Architects Ltd.
"We at Manasc Isaac Architects Ltd are extremely pleased with CAISNET. The addition of such new features as the calender have been well received in the office and has become a very important tool. The transfer of drawings over CAISNET is very easy and quick to do, making project work much more efficient. We look forward to further developments and have no hesitation in recommending the system to any prospective users."

Esther Link, Eton-West Construction Inc.
"Eton-West Construction Inc. has been utilizing CAISNET in both our Edmonton, and Vancouver operations for over a year. It is used for our day to day communication requirement including an inter-office transmission of data base information over the secure CAISNET network. The system is user friendly, but when required we have found Rendek Communications Inc. to be exceptional in providing support. We would recommend the system to anyone interested in a dynamic communication package."

Paul Gantar, P.Eng. Pentagon Structures Ltd.
"Pentagon Structures Ltd. has been sucessfully utilizing CAISNET for several years. As the construction industry continues to become more technologically advanced quick, effective, clear, and cheap communication is critical. We find that CAISNET allows us to communicate with owners, architects, sub-contractors, and suppliers instantly thus improving the way we do business."

Glenda Maloney Consulting Engineers of Alberta
"The system is comfortable to use and has proved to be a beneficial mechanism for everyday use and has allowed our association to communicate effectively with our member firms and and clients. The support information has been prompt and courteous. CAISNET has proven to be very effective in our everyday business applications."

Barbara Shipman, Barbara Shipman Architect
"CAISNET without question has performed well for our company. We have enjoyed the confidence of working with the reliable technology as well as prompt support service. Once our printer experienced technical difficulties and was unable to deliver the coloured prints required for a critical client review meeting. With CAISNET prompt telephone assistance right in the meeting we were able to access our files from the server to view online on the client's computer. Thanks CAISNET!"

Stuart Olson Construction Ltd.
"Roger, I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how well the CAISNET system is working for our project. It saves alot of time waiting for phone calls back and faxing. Any communication that can be done without hardcopy attachments is being done through the system. It only takes a quick posting and everyone on the project team can see what has been updated, minuted, documented or communicated. The other bonus is that at the end of the project, everybody has the same complete record of correspondence. The service provided by you when changes need to be made or questions need to be answered is exceptional."

Terry Brennan, Facilities Manager - Black Gold Regional Schools
"We have had the system installed for some time now but due to a re-scheduling of a major construction project, have not had the opportunity to fully utilize all components. It seems to be a very competent and useful tool for the construction industry. Hopefully, we will be able to use the total program in the not too distant future."

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